Thursday, July 23, 2009


Nothing New: Fiber Art from Recycled Materials
June 19th – August, 2009
Textile Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Elegance 2Light Fantastic Exhibition
June 11 – July 19, 2009
Main Street Gallery, Groton New York

I have worked with recycled materials ever since I was a child growing up in Kenya. In this body of work, I have taken recycled cans, and transformed them into contemporary art sculptures. The new and the not so new cans are stitched into each other with various gauges of steel wire. This body of work celebrates the transformation of recycled material into contemporary art. It is a celebration of bringing together the old and the new.

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  1. I was soo close. I knew Minneapolis was one of the cities exhibiting your work. I am going there tomorrow and just mapped the location and found it was 5 miles away. I was thrilled. I just looked at the fine print and learned the show ended yesterday after more than 6 weeks. Maybe next time. I can not wait to see this work myself.