Saturday, August 25, 2012

London International Quilt Festival Show

                               I will participate in the "Out of Africa 2013"
                                London International Quilt Festival

                               June 12 - 15 2013, at the Grand Ballroom 
                               Hilton Hotel, London Ontario, Canada

                               I will also be teaching a workshop
                               on Contemporary African Fiber Arts"   
                              on each of the days of the festival.


Sokoni- At the Market
73"x 64"

Sokoni- At the Market  (Detail)

50" x 33"
Moon Dance
35" x 30"

Midday Sun
64" x 30"
56" x 35"

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I was the invited presenter at the 2012 Brazil’s Patchwork Design Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro (May 30-June 2) and Sao Paolo (June 14-16).

    Zeca welcomes me to the show

Zeca Medeiros, the organizer visited my studio in San Antonio, Texas in October 2011 and selected the 17 pieces of work that he wanted for the show. There was a large attendance, especially on Saturday. The people take the show seriously and they engaged me on technique, meaning, origins etc. I met many Brazilian quilt artists. Although they mostly spoke Portuguese, and I spoke English, the common language was the artwork, and we enjoyed sharing our passion for the craft.

The show also featured quilts from Brazilians, as well as from the Contemporary Quilt Art Association, a Seattle based group that has promoted the appreciation of art quilts for about 30 years.

While in Sao Paolo I was fortunate to see a review of the works of Alberto Giacometti at the Pinacoteca do Estado. At the Museum of Art, Sao Paolo (MASP) I got to see the Modigliani show.

Overall the trip was a wonderful experience, and my work was well received.

Want to samba!!!!