Friday, July 17, 2009

Imagining Ourselves

As a generation of women, we have limitless possibilities, and we should all learn to map our journey and identify these possibilities. Once we have made achievements as individuals, it will dawn on us that we are all one large, beautiful quilt, made of individual stitches. Stitches represent unhurried action.

Our journey into the future should be unhurried; it should be one of perseverance, dedication, and love. As we move forward, we should embrace one another and have an underlying understanding of the spirit of sisterhood.

We are branches borne of strong tress. These branches have no boundaries. We float in the sky, taking in the breeze and the sunshine. We, the branches, are able to reach far and wide.

Naomi Wanjiku
From: Imagining Ourselves; Global Voices From a New Generation of Women
Paula Goldman (Ed)
New World Library, Novato California

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