Alfajiri Program

Alfajiri Program was founded in 2005. Since then, we have sponsored the graduating class in a rural village school in Gacharage, Kenya to a one week camp. This is a life skills education camp. The themes include health education, study skills, as well as leadership skills.  The project is geared towards preparing and empowering the youth for the challenges that lay ahead.  This includes taking charge of their health, and providing mentorship to their peers.

An outcome that cannot be disregarded is that this project has helped identify local leadership and support systems. We have volunteers who have been ad hoc advocates for the local children and youth for years becoming empowered and stepping up to organize. One of them, Margaret Wangari, who has guided several children, including myself, into the right path for about 40 years, has achieved her dream of a youth camp.

Gacharage Children

 Gacharage youth and children Christmas party

Gacharage youth perform in church